I studied « The alchemist » by Paulo Coelho

Hello buddies!How are you?Let me hear from you!

I am back with an English article.I think that since I left school and no General paper(English) in view,I have rejected English from my mind😂😂.I need to catch up.

For this new blog post,I decided to write my experience in reading and studying the famous book known as « The Alchemist » written by Paulo Coelho.

Right!I’m not going to be long in the intro.So let’s get straight into the article😊.

To be honest,when I first heard about this book I was maybe like 13 or 14.(I used to be a bookworm yeah!)Then at 16,I said one day I will read it.There was so much hype around this book.Unbelievable!

In 2018,my mother bought it for me and still I did not read it as I was in Year 12 and things were getting tough.Between late night revisions and The Da Vinci Code that I was struggling to finish,how could I make time for « The Alchemist » but seriously!

Then,I was in Year 13 and again I did not read it but I regret because I think that it could have helped me psychologically since the quotes in there are so powerful and meaningful.

During the quarantine,I decided to read this book but also to study it.Yes! In fact,I don’t read a book or skim it just for the sake of saying « I read this book »

I make sure of understanding every single part of it and see how can it helps me in the coming future and in my current situation.

Well,I’m speaking(writing) way too much.

Here are some quotes from the book and my personal interpretation of it.Again,we don’t have the same situation and the same thought processes so my interpretation may not fits yours.Open yours😊

« They trust me,and they’ve forgotten how to rely on their own instincts because I lead them to nourishment. »

So,I highlighted this part of the book because I do think that sometimes we doubt of our potential because we have became so dependent on others.Even if we are better than what we may think,we are confined by others life and cannot blossom as we should.

« It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting »

This is my favorite quote from the book.I find it so much relatable.Actually,if we knew what the future is holding for us,I don’t think that life would worth living.It is the mystery that tomorrow holds and our optimistic personality that add fun to life.I hope you are an optimist😂

« At a certain point in our lives,we lose control of what’s happening to us,and our lives become controlled by fate. »

I found this quote empowering.Because,I guess all of us at some point in our lives,we have felt lost in our objective and was perhaps at the edge of giving up.But,this passage of the book reminds us how important it is to persevere even when everything around us no longer makes sense.You know me😉

« People learn early in their lives,what’s their reason for being[…]Maybe that’s why they give up on it so early,too. »

If starting early was the main reason of why people give up then I pray I haven’t started yet😂No!Seriously,I don’t think that starting earlier is a problem because we all have our own rhythm of doing things.But,it is our engagement with our activity.You know what I mean.The quote is factual but after deep thinking I came to the conclusion that it’s a matter of engagement.

It’s like marrying younger to divorce younger.So,that’s not an issue.

Well,I think we reached the end.Maybe I will write the part 2 because there was so much interesting quotes,thoughts and analysis to retain from this book.

Other than this,I will suggest you to read it before you passed away.It’s like the Bible!you should read it at least once in a lifetime. (That’s humour)

Till we meet…love y’all

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