Survive the lock down Covid-19😵

Hey there!I hope you are doing fine.Actually,the world is in a turmoil and I thought of writing more blog posts.However,I am still too lazy to do so.I am lacking of inspiration also.Today,I decided to fortify myself and stick to the article till the end.I am re writing the post as I can’t find the draft.Seems like it has been erased.I don’t care!As long as it will be published you know.Lead a sort of positive life.As the title said it all,I am going to share some tips on  how to survive the Covid 19 lock down.

1.Read books

I bet my cats and dogs that reading is the most interesting and yet healthy thing you can do during confinement.Currently,I am reading a stranger in the mirror by Sidney Sheldon and it is freaking awesome.Some e-books are free,you still can download on the fnac site if ever you don’t have an interesting book at home.

2.Take care of yourself

Practice some skin care,some self care and try some workouts till you are home.The glow up is for now friends. When lock down is over,we have to slay and the jealousy of our enemies should be on an upper level.

3.Try some online gaming

I found gaming toxic but I should tell you that I have started a game some days ago and I’m wasting my time on it.It’s named Plato. You’ll be able to chat with your friends and even with strangers if you find it nice.That’s up to you, I’m advising.
I skip some points that I have written in the draft that erases.I think it’s not the length that count but yet the content. Again,don’t put aside your homework,work and home task.If ever you found the article interesting leave a like and a comment if you wished.
Love ya

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