Typical skincare routine

Holà!How are you doing?I hope you are doing fine and if such is not the case,remind yourself that you are stronger than you think and it takes courage to stand and live.

For this article,I will show you my typical skincare routine.How I tried hard to reduce acne but in vain.I will give you my opinion on each thing I will present you because actually my skin doesn’t look that healthy and this upset me way too much.

I think,in my opinion it is good to change products because after long use,it seems that skin products do not give the same effects like they used to.It is same for shampoo stuffs!

So let’s begin!
1.Aloe Vera Gel

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This is definitely the most effective natural products for skincare.I strongly advise it.It is more efficient to apply it early in the morning.If you don’t have at home,you can buy a plant next time you go to the grocery or the market and you can grow it at home as it is easily planted but don’t forget this part to your new skincare routine because it works.
2.Micellar Water


Go for it whether you use makeups or not.Listen!You don’t have to use makeups to use skincare products.Face care is important and normally I clean my skin with this day and night.
3.Scrub and Gel


This product is not that good!I have never used it before and to be honest I am not satisfied of its results.However,the gel is definitely effective and it should not be omitted in the skincare routine.I usually applied it on wet face and leave it for 5-8minutes and rinse.I believe the gel is what worked best for me and I will try to find one because this product that I’ve been now using for a while is not satisfying enough.You know!Beauty is not like semi-perfect it should be perfect.Yas!

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Thank you for reading till here.


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