5 People that inspire me the most on earth…

Howdy my favorite people.Long time,no English article.Here I am with a new but not the least article😊

It’s not a secret that we all have a handful of people that inspires us in our everyday lives and I’m no exception to the « rule »ðŸ˜†So,without any further words,let’s get into the article😉


Seriously!My parents are my everything.They are my blood,my aorta,my valves,my liver,my intestines…(sounds like the science student talking😅) in summation,my alpha and my omega.They are my realist reflect in a mirror,my alter idem.


This woman is for sure an amazing role model.She has proved to be a strong and resilient women throughout the mandate of Barack Obama.She is one of the best public speaker that I know and is definitely an intelligent being.Each of her speech cause a certain vibration within me that vividly boost up my mind.


Yeah!I’m serious!This dude is the « GOAT » Although some will say that it’s some emotional stuff,I guarantee you that he is a true inspiration in my life.He is always pushing hard on the circuit.Always make up his mind to win.Yep!I guess he is a packet of energy.A photon!


Since childhood,this man is an inspiration to me.I remember reading his book « A long walk to freedom’ at the age 9.I was like « WOW » in front of such a masterpiece.I was amazed by his story and everything in between.If only he could be back to life.It might be important to know that we share the same birthday😂😊.


You know that feeling when you are in quest of inner peace?I came across Confucius quite recently while reading on self development.All of his quotes punch me in my heart like a boomerang.One of my favorite is:

« Life is really simple, but men insist on making it complicated.« 

I hope you found this article great.Sorry for the excess use of French on the blog.As from now,I’ll make sure to post in both languages evenly.Right!See you soon!

Xoxo 😊

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