Be the change

Hello!!Already Friday and still is air pollution,water pollution and depletion of ozone layer.I recently wrote an article titled Connect with the nature and posted a video on instagram showing the consequences of our deeds.

The earth is threatened and so are we.We are at least 4 billion of people contributing to the nature destruction.This week,I came across an article on The Guardian stating that by 2050,there would be more plastics than fish.Is this acceptable and justifiable.When I think of how stupid an object that we will use for 60 seconds can ruin a whole species.

I think we will reach inevitably a point of no return if we don’t react now.That’s fine to see the danger we are facing but poor are those who have eyes but cannot see.I mean seeing without action is pointless in this case.

There is a lot of actions we could have done at our level and no matter who we are.I will not involve myself in a blame game because it would be completely immature and would lead nowhere than to a global death spiral itself.

We are all intelligent enough to know what is good for living things or not.Nobody need to tell you that combustion in open air is bad because just by seeing that black smoke coming from it,we can already conclude that it is something lousy.I guess we can use our mind for a good purpose.

This is my favorite quote from Mahatma which is:Be the change you want to see in the world.This is why I keep on saying that I’m not activist,because I will not tell people to do this or to do that when I myself is sometimes contributing to pollution.Yet,I will share my thoughts about the destruction of ecosystem on the blog and I will try to lead a plastic free life but you’ll never find me telling you how to protect nature.We should all open our eyes and look.Then react for a better future.

All this being said,with all the love I have for earth I wish you a nice day in connection with nature😉.Thank you for reading till the end.

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