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Hello active readers.I’m so sorry for the absence.To be honest,I had writer’s block.Even though I had some spare time,I clearly didn’t want to share trash with you.Slowly but surely IMO✊

Now that I’m feeling good,I cease that opportunity not to make moral lesson but clearly to share a reflection.I’m not here as a mentor or to make you believe that I’m «Miss perfect» because I’m miles away from perfection.However,you probably know that I’m fond of nature and I can no longer tolerate the decline in our ecosystem.Our surrounding is crashing and we are turning a blind eye to it.Stop that now👏


This is a story that you may find on our Instagram page here »» Blueink

Being myself a Mauritian,I would like to participate in this strike.Mauritius is in fact a developing country and one may ask himself how much Mauritius is contributing in pollution.In fact,it is not about the economy of a country and nor on the political regime.It is in fact about how responsible we are and can be✌


Leave your comment below.I would like to hear from you👄


Nothing to add more…


Ask yourself the appropriate questions once in a lifetime…


I will not try to tell you what to do.We are all conscious of our actions and whatever might be the outcomes,we should endorse the responsibility.

I hope this article will produce an effect and with all the love that I have for nature,I will plead you to be nice to it.

With that being said,I wish you to spend a great weekend.


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