Be hopeful…đŸ’«

Hey beauties!!!I hope you are doing fine and you’d a nice weekend.I’m good though I’m overloaded with works and coming up exams.I’m trying to manage and still find some spare minutes to share with you some positive vibes.Once again,I excuse myself for my irregularity on the blog.I acknowledge that and I’ll try to do my best and work on it😊 since I’m no longer on Instagram😞

For now,let’s get straight into the article🙏

Life will not always be cool and you have to be aware about that.It should be no surprise if you stumble at times because that’s absolutely normal.

There would be moment where you’ll be so motivated and energetic and times where all that will pop up to your mind is give up cause life is just pointless.Let me tell you there’s still hope even in the darkest night,there’s that light that is asking to be shined brightier again.Give it a chance to shine.

Why should you give up now if you know that life is a cycle of ups and down that we cannot vanquish.Struggle hard because at the end of the journey,god has never and will never give up on you.Be the one who is hard like a rock and fragile like a feather because he/she has discovered the unconditional and promising love from god.Walk by faith that’s how you’ll win in life😊



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  1. Thanks for sharing

    “When you are truly inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project
 your mind transcends its limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction, and you find yourself in a new, great and wonderful world! Then those dormant forces, faculties and talents inside you become alive, and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be.” Patanjali “

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    1. Holaaa!!!Oh thanks a lot😄This comment means a lot to me😾Blue is such a stunning colour and pineapples are beyond tasty and have a really nice shape.Thanks,have a blessed day too😄By the way,your name is very creative and I would like to know how you choose it…

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