School essentials📓

Hello pineapples squad.How are you doing?I hope everything is doing fine and you are rocking everything.On my side,I’m good but revision is like trying to change my mood.Yeah!But I’m all in control☺

So,before I start the main introduction of this article,I need to inform you that as from now,I will post most of my articles about “School” since I’m at my last year in college which is equivalent to highschool in Mauritius,and normally next year,I should be at university. Finger crossed…

Therefore,I have some goals like any rational students and I also want to help students to dedicate themselves in their studies.

For now,let’s have a look at the must have in school bags.

• A notebook

Sometimes,the teacher might repeat things that sounds pointless but is in fact important as it can be useful during exams.Better prevention than cure as we say.Everytime,you hear the teacher repeating words,drop it down in your notebook and once at home,add it to your personal notes.

•Spare materials(copybooks,pens,pencils…)

No need to bring only a blue and a black pen because you never know when it will pass over.Leave at least 2 spares of each in your bags and use them only when you have no other choice.


Yeah because studying in some weird smell is not comfortable. Bring your perfume or precisely your deodorant with you and whenever it smells bad,you know how to get rid of it.However, though it is known to each of us,taking a good bath is vital because spraying perfume over sweating,not sure it fits well.

•Toilet paper

In consonance with hygiene,perhaps,all schools are not the same but once again take your precaution and bring out some toilet paper with you because it costs nothing to carry it from home.


I’m not talking about pocket money or whatsoever.Here,in Mauritius it is good to have much money in the bag just in case,you have to pay for photocopies and additional notes.No need to owe money to friends,have some coins at the bottom of your bags.

That’s it my friends.I hope you enjoyed the article.Feel free to comment and also to give me some blog post ideas as I’m lacking of inspiration.As for me,I hope you’ll do your best to be well organised because seemingly this is the key for success.

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Trust in yourself because it’s you who lead your path.

Bon week-end🐾


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