Christmas in a few words🎀

Why should we celebrate Christmas when we are not christians or precisely not catholics?

Why should we allow religion to set a barrier between us

Why can’t we take the day as a special one without caring about religion

Why can’t we cherish our beloved ones with gifts

Why can’t we take the day as an opportunity to put a smile on the face of our relatives

Why can’t we be united for at least a day in a year

Why can’t we have a positive thinking for at least one day

Just like Valentine’s day,why can’t we be so lovely

No matter what is your faith,or whether you celebrate Xmas or not,let us be kind in a spirit of communion and 2019 awaiting.

Guys,I’m not at ease with writing poem of stuffs like that but on seeing how Christmas brings light in families I wonder why not in my house or yours.Why not in your heart as well as mine.

Don’t let religion guide us but the values and principles we’ve acquired from our faith.We are all humans and passengers here,why can’t we hold each others hands and be kind instead of being narcissists and naughty.

My wish for 2019 for all of us is may love,kindness,unity and mostly our values be a stepping stone to make the world great again.

By the way,I don’t celebrate Xmas but I take this day as an opportunity to give gifts to my people as this does not occur often.

Kiss and Hugs🎆🎆


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