I open my secret diary🐒

When I was young,I used to keep a secret diary like most of the kids.When I got 12 years old,I received one from a relative of mine and I used to write everything in it.I went from what I ate last night to my favorite actress😂.

5 years later,I encounter it again.I’m so much surprise with the content.I’m for sure not going to read every single page to you but in fact,I’m going to read a specific page which was inspired from the movie “16 wishes” by Debbie Ryan.That is,when I’ll be 16,things that I would like to achieve.I almost forgot about this.I would greatly advise everybody to try the experience.Just give it a try! This is so magical.I wrote it in French for some unknown reasons.I would tell you some of it because there are so many personal stuffs I wrote and in my opinion,I can’t show this publicly.I’m so sorry about it😊

This is half of my list!!!

1.I would like to baptize and to give my whole life to god.

2.I would be the most beautiful girl in class.

3.I would travel around the world visiting the opera house of Sydney,Paris and the Eiffel tower.

4.I would have a full closet.

5.I would own a tablet and a blue ordinator.

6.I would meet Matt Pokora😂

7.I would own a blue car.

And so on…

This is unreal but magical.Some of it has become a reality.

To be honest,I think I should have been mad to write such things.I am like seriously.I can’t believe at a point of my life I wish to be that kind of girls who are very artificial.Fortunately, this is not a reality because I would have hidden myself with Tarzan in the forest😂😂

That’s it guys!I hope you find this interesting as me😂.Don’t hesitate to comment down and let me know what you think.You are most welcome for comments and subscriptions.


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