5 reasons why to visit Rodrigues Island🌴

Holaaa friends.I was not really enthusiastic to write such an article because I am not here for advertisement.However,since Rodrigues is quite unknown to most people,I did not want it to remain in the dark.I want to touch as many people as possible so that Rodrigues can exist on its own and not because of Mauritius or for the benefit of the latter.I believe that in 2018,it is high time to reveal Rodrigues to the world😊.

Rodrigues has given me a lot and provided me with so much opportunities and I’m very grateful for that.For now,let’s get into the article and let us have a look at these 5 undeniable reasons why one should visit Rodrigues Island

Beautiful sandy Beaches

This is one of our great asset.At any time of the year,the sea is always cool.I mean,nice for swimming.Added to that,you can carry out a lot of aquatic activities like the kitesurf,surf and boat-glass.Everything is perfect for relaxation.

Food is marvelous

I bet you have never tasted beans and fish in such a tasty way.I highly recommend to have maize.Of course,I can’t omit our lemon chilli or our so delicious vegetables pickle.This is the icy on the top😉.It is something to be tried at least once in a lifetime.

Activities are cool

To be honest,we don’t have a great choice of activities.I mean you will not have casinos or pub open every day.However,we are very cultural and there’s a lot of activities on this concern.For instance,you can find it nice to visit a natural reserve where faunas and floras live.On the other hand,you can visit the giant tortoises endemic to Rodrigues.Then,there is a museum which reveals a lot of secrets about the evolution of Rodrigues.Then, we are surrounded by a lot of small isles where you can go by means of boat obviously and once there,you can find a lot of species especially birds in migration.A must live moment.Additionally,if you are fond of adrenaline,you will for sure appreciate the airline runaway.

People are courteous

Most of the people are really nice and most of us are natural and we don’t bother over stupid things.We are not merely open-minded but also talkative😂😂I mean just have a look at me😜

Rodrigues is known for cleanliness

When I say clean,I really mean it.If you are doubting about that,I can assure you by simply providing you with an example.Years ago,the government has passed law against plastic bags.You can vividly imagine how the Rodriguan population are protecting their island.Added to that,Rodrigues is known for it’s large lagoon and for fishing.Once again,the government has established laws to once a year prevent people from overfishing so that aquatic animals have time for procreation.

Here we are.I hope you find this article interesting and mostly,you have discover Rodrigues in another way.Feel free to share the article with relatives so that most people can recognize Rodrigues Island.

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-Peace &Love


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