When life gives you lemons…

Once a month,I’m trying to write such a kind of article for the only reason that we all need motivation and it starts from me.I need to tell you right from now,that this article can be controversial and I totally assume what I’m going to write.Feel free to share your views because I’m not here just for monologuing.

Well,now that all these are said,we can get straight to the article.

Last week,I got my results.To be honest,that was not the expected results although,my teachers congratulated me for my hard work.You know what,being satisfied with a fish is never enough because you could have get 2 or even more.

The main problem in our society is that,very often,we are satisfied with mediocrity when we have the great potential of doing better than that.

Let me tell you that last semester,I got 47 out of 100 in physics and this was the 3rd best marks in my class.Should I be satisfied because I was 3rd?Never.My friends were happy and this is a great word to be used here but yeah they were happy with their 52 which by the way was the best mark.

Guys,we can’t be satisfied with that.So,I decided that I should work more and as a result,this time I got 66 out of 100 again.This is not the best mark either because where is the 34 marks left?You understand what I’m trying to say?I mean if we have the full potential of doing way better,why should we once again be proud of mediocrity.Think of all these people who are getting straight A’s and that due to their dedication in their works.

As well as it can be applied in study, you can also apply this as a motto at works.

Perhaps they say when life gives you a lemon,make a lemonade out of it,I will not say so because it will sound as accepting mediocrity or if you prefer intermediate. Don’t make a lemonade out of it but try to have better than a lemon next time.Work till you have the lemonade itself right!

You decide.



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