My holidays in a few words😏

Hey peeps!I hope you are doing fine.Today,in this fresh new article,I’m going to share a few words about my summer holidays.It’s none of my intention to make you jealous or whatsoever but in fact,I think that it might be interesting or not at all😂😂.Anyway,you’ll shape your opinions afterward.For now,let’s get into the article☺.

•I wake up at 5:00a.m

This might be surprising but the reasons for that,is because I don’t want to change habits just because of 2 months holidays.On the contrary,I will try to wake much more earlier than that as from next week.

•I went to the beach

Yeah,obviously!Beach is the place to be during summer.Last Sunday,I was at Mourouk beach and I’m looking forward to go to Anse Bouteille,another stunning beach.

Eat Pray Love


Normally,I don’t read mills and boon books.However,this time I decide to give it a try.It can be said that I miss my thrillers books but this book has for long remains on my desk.Perhaps,it would be interesting but frankly at first sight,I’m not really enthusiastic about it.By the way,Eat Pray and Love is a book from Elizabeth.

Eat Sleep Repeat


The famous chorus for procrastinators.Most of the days,I’m on my bed,scrolling my feed and looking for sarcasm pages.Then,of course YouTube is my pet during these days.I jump from morning routines to Hauls.

This is where the article ends.I hope you enjoyed it.If you like it,you can express it by liking and commenting.

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