What if you love?

“Love your neighbour as yourself”

13 reasons why you should love

Love because it’s health

Love cause you want to be loved back

Love cause your parents love you

Love cause it’s only then,that you’ll realize your sense of purpose

Love cause hatred is bad for relationship

Love because you love yourself

Love because you know the importance of world in an upside down society

Love cause God loves you

Love cause where there is love,there is peace

Love cause if you don’t,you’ll be alone

Love cause you are lovely

Love cause there so much to love

Love cause you know the power of love and how substantial it is.

It was a pleasure to write about Love with you.Love is not an emotion but a deep feeling which one should have for everybody.I hope you take pleasure of this article.

Feel free to share and mostly to comment your favorite line on love😉

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