Yes,you can do it🙋 Oui,tu peux le faire…

Very often,we encountered doubts which as a result destroy our inner self unknowingly.Today,in this article,I am going to present you 4 ways about how to trust in yourself and to make of your most craziest dream becomes a reality.By the way,I decided to write an english article because it was a good way for me to practice before my GP paper tomorrow. (GP stands for General knowledge)Without consuming much of your time,let us get into the article.(You were already here,I know!XD😂😂)


This is above all the most important element you should have if you want to achieve your goals. Nobody yes None of us can jump from a cliff if we don’t trust in ourselves as being able to do it.I know this example sounds very extreme but you know what I mean.So,guys nobody can accomplish your goals except you decide to do so.You dream of it,you have the potential to fulfil it.It starts from this five letters’ word Trust.


In fact,these 3 words hang out together Motivation,Determination and Dedication.Once you are motivated,you are determined and you are dedicated in your activity.Now the question is how to make it last for long?We all know that dedication is transitory.However,there should be an effective way to preserve it and it’s not a secret it is having a role model.Yes,students as well as adults should have a role model in their everyday life.This person should act as a source of inspiration for you.It could be your parents, a well known person like why not Mahatma Gandhi or Barack Obama.Yeah,it can be anyone as long as this person will help you to stick to your goals.


NEVER ever lose hope.This is a short word but very meaningful.Maybe,we are humans but this is not a reason for us to lose sight of our goals.I can actually tell you from my own experience that losing hope is the worst things you can do in your life.Hope is like a string attached to a cliff.You have to keep on holding it or otherwise you’ll fall and once you fell down there is absolutely no way to get it back unless you are mentally very strong.But why should we take the risk of letting the string go?

         4.No Procrastination

The so powerful word on the planet.Firstly,I need to mention once again that I’m not the perfect person on the earth.I’m very far to be one.(Btw it’s impossible😂)In a recent article,I talked about it.I will repeat it for the nth times.Tomorrow does not belong to you,now is yours so do what you need to do.That’s simple just do it Now.

That’s it for the article.I hope it pleased you and most importantly,it inspires you.Bear this in mind that you can do it as well as others have done it.Right!😉

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On this,I wish you to have a nice day in the good mood and don’t forget to spread the love wherever you are.


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