Wishlist for October with Ali Express_Summer🌴

Aloha!Hope you are doing fine and that life is going fair for you.As for me,I’m in examination period.Yesterday,I’ve got a practical paper for chemistry and I can tell you that it was hard like hell. Fortunately,I survived😂😂

So,this is my last article for this September and as I told you in my previous article,I will be less present on the blog as I need to put much effort in order to get a better grades than that of the last semester.It is good to mention that maybe once a time I’ll write something but that’s unsure.Anyway,life will show me a way.

Right,the introduction is already long.As you can notice,I’m more at ease with writing in english.I’m sorry for those who hardly understand a word,but you can still read it on clicking on the widget translate in the menu or somewhere there😂Okay,now less blah blah and let us focus on the sense of purpose of this article.As usual,get yourself a nice cup of tea and good read😄

As you can already see in the title,I’m going to talk about my wishlist for the coming month.[sarcasm says “that’s a genuine idea”]

•Women Sneakers-$31.50

•Long sleeve T-Shirt $7.80

•Casual short $6.15

•Watch $3.09

•Turban $1.17

That’s it for this article.I think I’m done.Before leaving you,note that the prices are in US dollars.If you want to convert it into your currency,then google it and they will automatically convert the price.Also, some of these stuffs could have been in sales.Maybe some of the prices have changed.It ain’t my fault.😉

Secondly,note that you can find us on instagram where we are always active.Just click here👉blueink

Lastly,don’t hesitate to comment on this article,to like and to share with your friends.You’re most welcomed.

So here it is,I hope the article pleased you.I look forward with new and interesting articles😉

Best regards😊

Love and kiss


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