We were born free but are everywhere in chains…

Good afternoon!How are you going?!I was doing my homework and I wanted to share it with you.I’ve got to write an essay and it was about « we were born free but we are everywhere in chains. » This is a quote from Jean Jacques Rousseau,a philosopher,writer and compositor.I was taught to give my opinion about the quote.

So I will share my opinion about it with you.I will try to be the less subjective possible as I’m not here to influence any of your thoughts.Right?!So let’s go because this article may be long!

We were born free,but free here means innocent.As we grew up,we realise that the world has never been what we thought it was.It was neither the heaven but nor hell too.Despite our misconception or deception about the world,we’ve got to struggle amid all these fight involving racism and sexism.Each of our society designed us in a particular way so that we remains in chains.This makes us realised that even if we say that slavery has been abolished,this is far to be true.This brings me to my first point.Stay focus!

None of us has been born with chains in hands or feet.Isn’t it?But in the 21st century chains have only become invisible but in fact we are still enslaved.We are following a leader unknowingly.I think you’re all telling yourself but whom?My first point would be politics.I’m only 17 years old and I want to highlight the point that politic is simply dividing us.Similarly,having a view from here,it can be said that everyone could have governed a country.Not only the thirld world countries are suffering a lot where developed countries are abusing over them but also,we are witnessing corruption and all of its concerns.The question that still remained unanswered is why corruption is becoming the new normal?!I can hardly get an answer for this question,maybe you could help me?So let’s move on the next point!

Secondly,social backround is still an influencing factor that make us enslaved.As if some people were victims of their race.How sad it is to say so.Could we be victims of our ethnicity?!This made us realize that from our early beginning that is from our birth these people were destined to social discrimination.I genuinely don’t like to use this words as according to me,discrimination should not exist as who told us that we were better or superior than any other people?

None!So why is the society divided?Why is there a social class?I think I will end by here…I will leave this on your mind and I hope that article will make you realize of how enslaved we all are.None can said that he is free as the society is shaping us to follow unfounded norms .

That’s it!I hope the article pleased you.This was simply my opinions and that’s all.Don’t forget to follow us on instagram @blueinkkk_

With all respect,


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