My Wishlist for September✌

Holaaa!How are you today?!I am back with a new article namely my wishlist.I always wanted to do something like that,so here it is.Have a nice cup of tea and enjoy the read.By the way,I need to mention that my French is not really perfect that’s why I’m opting for english where I feel a little bit more at ease.

Now that this is done,I can start…

1.These Nike Shoes

They are just fabulous.I can hardly find a word to describe how beautiful they are.It is in a shop called Hype in Australia.I found them on instagram and it was love at first sight.I don’t remember the price but if you’re interested in the price of the shoes,just tell me and I will do my best to find it.Right!

2.Vans Classic_Aliexpress_unknown price

I am a real fan of basket.Honestly,I was not a great admirator of the Vans brand.Since last month,I started to develop an appreciation for the latter.As a result,I want to add these Vans shoes to my little collection of shoes.

3.Elastic turban

I really like them.I was looking for it but could hardly find one like that in Mauritius.Fortunately I fall on this.The color is such a beauty.There’s nothing more to add apart it’s amazing.I will do my very best this month to get it😂😂It is cheap and yeah it is effective.If you have curly hair,it keep your hair in shape.Great!


I don’t like it,I love it.The color which reminds me of summer.Although green is not my most favorite color,I can’t take my eyes from this jumpsuit.


A hoodie to keep me warm till the end of this winter.Although winter is nearly over,I will chill in it even in deep summer when the sun will be high in the sky and the birds singing merrily as a stuff like that cannot be kept in a dressing,hidden from the sight of people.I don’t know this sentence sounds weird but I hope you understand what I try to mean.

Here it is guys!I hope you found the article interesting.I was so stressed to share that article because I was not sure about whether you will like my taste.But then,I realise that people’s thought is nothing.You must live in your name and not in that of others.

From here,I tell you good bye…and see you next week for a new article.Ciaooo🌼

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