🌴Recipe-Rougail poisson salé 🐟🌻

Holaa guys!!!It feels like this article will talk about the famous « Rougail« I guess most of you ignore completely what it is!Am I right?(comment if you know what it is)

So,the rougail is a typical dish in Rodrigues,Mauritius,Reunion and Madagascar islands.In other words,it is well-known in the Indian Ocean.You can ask any people native to these cited island whether they know the « Rougail ». I’m at 99,9% sure that they will tell you a big  » Are you serious »

Actually,this is one of the features that defined us.However,if you still don’t know what I’m talking about,then the recipe I’m going to share with you today will enable you to travel to the « soleil du tropique »Yes guys,holidays are still on at Blueink site😊

Right…1 2 3 let’s cook


•750g of salted fish(better if salted at home)

•250g of tomatoes

•100g of tomato sauce(yes a lot of tomatoes)

•150g onions

•125g of garlic

•100g of ginger

A few thyme,parsley,allspice leaves and 1 cup of water,oil and salt


•Desalinate the fish in hot water for about 20 mins

•Crumble the fish and remove the unnecessary stuffs 😊

Chop the tomatoes,parsley,thyme,onions,garlic,ginger and the allspice leaves.

•Heat up the oil in a large pan

•Fry the salted fish

•As soon as the fish start to cook,add the other ingredients

•Let it on it’s own for 10min(this is quite confusing,if you don’t understand what I actually mean,let me know)

•Add the cup of water,cover the pan and leave it for 5 mins.

•Serve with a few herbs(coriander)

•Dinner’s ready..Bon appétit😄

That’s all for today!I hope you enjoyed the trip in the Indian Ocean.You’ve arrived at destination.Si vous passez à table,je vous dit bon appétit😊et à bientôt pour de nouveaux articles.

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