🎆Letter from my childhood self⏳

Hello everybody!Yes I know,you’re all surprised that I actually write an english article.This was unplanned, but being young as we all know is always full of surprise.Here’s one!😁 I think it’s better sometimes to change the routine,isn’t it guys?! So,well as you’ve already seen it I received a letter from the childhood me that is when I was 7 years old.Years have passed then,precisely 10 years and today I’m going to open that letter.

Let’s do that together…🌼🌼

« Dear Victoria of 2018,

10 years back, you were a timid,lovely and obedient child.Despite these qualities, you did have flaws.You were that girl who did not have a lot of friends.You were an introvert.Today,in 2018,things have changed.You are not that shy as you used to be.You are quite extrovert.I’m proud that you’d kept all these good qualities.You’ve met a lot of obstacles throughout life.Life had not always been petals but also many thorns.However,I’m doubly proud of you,you used these weaknesses and transformed it into strength.Surely,you had not completely achieve your goals but remember that whatever you tend to do,I will always be here for you. Always keep that in mind. Be grateful to god,for what he’s doing in your life,your parents who are always by your side to support you and all these amazing people that you have met throughout your life and who have always trust in you.Stay as you are and keep on aiming high.God Bless 😄 »

~From:Victoria 2008⏳

Love and hugs🌻🌻

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